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Versatile Blogger Awards

So, a while back (like, December), Natalie over at What’s Eating Natalie? nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks so much, Natalie. I am humbled and honored. The fact that you appreciate what I write means a lot. Having anyone read my words and come back again never ceases to shock me, and I never stop appreciating each and every blog view.

Today, I finally got around to checking out the award, and found out there are some rules attached to receiving it. Since it’s all about sharing and love, I’m all over it.

First, the sharing part. Here are 7 Random Things About Me:

1. My bowl is green. I almost always use the same one (snacks go in a coffee bowl). I don’t branch out because my bowl is heat safe, and the size is standard: I know how to measure all my meals based on its size. I should change it up. I suspect this is a problem.

2. My tv is always on when I’m awake (when I’m at home), and for 2 hours after I go to bed. Drowning out noise with noise.

3. A scarf is my favorite accessory.

4. Twelfth Night is my favorite play by Shakespeare. I like me a good trouser role.

5. I have a strange obsession with cleaning and organizing my fridge. I now have a shelf exclusively devoted to nut + seed butters.

6. I completely gut all my dance shoes, yet have insoles in most of my street shoes. I guess I like to feel the floor when dancing, then NEVER AGAIN FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK

7. Lilacs are my favorite smell right now. I picked one while out walking the other day and put it in a mason jar on the cash desk at work, and it makes 9 hour shifts enjoyable.

Now, the love. Here are my favorite blogs/bloggers, and my nominees for the Versatile Blogger Awards

Naturally, my first nominee is Natalie at What’s Eating Natalie?  I always enjoy her posts.

And in no particular order:

Megan at The Butterfly Effect Can’t wait to see the effect she has on the world.

Kayla at The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing Amazing insights on the world of performing and life in general.

Monica at Alone in the Childerness Balancing life, and so wise.

Tess at I Love My Life I Love To Sing It’s a new blog, but it’s a good blog.

Susan and Georgia at Glamour & Goop Wise women balancing family and career.

Michelle at Love Action Yoga Wise words. Walking the talk.

I’m not nominating the full 15, because I don’t want to nominate just for nomination’s sake. These are words I read and appreciate. Thank you for sharing, ladies. You make me think and you make me feel.


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Love vs. Fear

My friend Kayla applies the Love vs. Fear argument. She writes so well. Check her out.

The Best Things Happen ... while you're dancing

A lovely lady blogger/real life friend of mine Kelly (from Be Anything But Quiet!) recently posted about this idea of Love vs Fear.  It really got me thinking.  The idea is that we are motivated in everything we do by one or the other.  For example:

Do I go to the gym because I love myself? Because it makes me feel good, strong, healthy?  Because I love the way I feel afterwards?

Or do I go to the gym because I am scared of being fat?  Because I’m scared I won’t get cast in certain parts? Or worst of all, because I am not ENOUGH the way I am?


Stick with me here.

In my opinion, fear motivated actions (with regards to fitness) are never going to last.  You can’t hate exercise your way to a healthy body and life.  It has to come from a place of…

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