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Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Strange title for a post, I know. Always calls to mind Zoolander: Orange Mocha Frappuccinos, anyone?  More importantly, it was the #1 song this week in 1984: the week I was born.

Tomorrow I’m turning 28. (Shocking, I know. In all the pictures of the back of my head I’ve posted I look 25, 26 tops.)

The past year has been quite the ride. I’m not sure what I expected from it. I think 27 was sort of my leap into the unknown. Repeatedly.

I think I expected that once I’d started eating (and had been for a few months by the time my birthday rolled around) that things would just get better and easier all the time. Where food was concerned, that was mostly true. Once I’d conquered a food mountain, it was an easier climb the next time I encountered it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how hard the rest of it would be. 27 has arguably been one of the hardest years of my life. Actually doing the work behind the eating disorder made me realize why I battled the eating disorder for so long. It’s been a lot of white-knuckling and, when that fails, unhealthy coping skills until such time as I learn some healthy ones.

Some things are better, though. I’m learning to actually stay present in life. It’s exhausting and overwhelming, but it’s better to be a part of things than apart from things. I’m learning to actually let people in: to trust people with my spirit and trust that they won’t break it. I’m learning to be selective at who I let in my life. I have met (and kept around) some incredible people this year who inspire me, astonish me, and teach me what it is to be a real person.

I realized recently that there aren’t really “things” anymore that define me. My life doesn’t revolve around dancing, singing, and acting anymore, nor an eating disorder. While I’m in school for holistic nutrition, I’m not a “foodie”. I enjoy yoga, but it’s not my whole life. It’s really the people in my life who make me what I am.

Therefore, I am declaring the year of 28 to be “the year of the people”. May it be the best one yet.



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School Again! School Again! School Again!

(For those of you who went to theatre school with me: insert presentational arm choreography as needed)

I know I’ve been a little MIA of late. The reasons are twofold. The first:


Monday marked my 21st first day of school. I’m studying Holistic Nutrition now (not musical theatre anymore) and absolutely love it. Less than 18 months ago, I would have a panic attack after 10 minutes of discussing food with WGT, and now I’m in 4 hour lectures discussing fats, carbs, sugar, and all that scary stuff in detail. And it’s amazing. There’s so much I don’t know about food, and every inch of it fascinates me. It’s going to be a fine line, as they keep referencing “the benefits of fasting” in passing, but I’ve just gotta take everything with a grain of sea salt.

The second:

Sometimes, keeping things quiet is restricting your voice. Sometimes, it’s because you just can’t talk about things until you’ve figured them out for yourself. And some things are just private (although more people now know the details of my menstrual cycle now than I ever thought possible). I’ve got a lot going on in my private life right now, and until I figure it all out, that’s where it will stay.

In summation, the blogs will be sparse for the next little while. Balancing school with full-time work (and an early morning yoga practice – more details to follow) means I’ll be doing a whole lot of reading, and not much writing (apart from homework). I won’t disappear forever, tho. You’ll still get TMI as much as I can. I’ve got a lot to say, and the world’s gonna hear it from now on!


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