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Things the “normies” don’t see

When your brain functions normally, you tend not to see things that scream out at the eating disordered mind like Jillian Michaels whenever she gets near a gym. (For the record, I LOVE Jillian Michaels, and am convinced that once you turn off the volume and watch her with subtitles, she actually makes a lot of good points).

Facebook. I spend a lot of time there (did I mention I have a lot of free time lately? Just making sure). Like everyone else, I check my messages, make sure my Sims haven’t died, and sift through the “OMG-Did-you-see-Beyonce-at-the-VMA’s-Here’s-the-video-And-Perez-posted-the-sonogram-picture-Vote-on-what-they-should-name-the-baby” posts to find out what my friends are up to while I . . . check my Facebook.

Lately, I’ve been reading the entire Facebook page, including groups I forgot I joined (Did that man ever donate $6 934 561 to whatever charity I clicked to “like”?) and learning info about friends I forgot I made at a random audition two years ago that neither of us booked. Doing things like that, and being able to make plans even when my phone is broken are two of the many reasons I “like” Facebook.

Now, in spite of all the wonderful things Facebook can do, I have discovered one big ol DISLIKE. Have you ever looked at the ads in the sidebar? Just beneath your “Events” (look down . . . WAAAAAY down) are sponsored ads. These ads are usually for things related to stuff you or your friends like on Facebook (right now I have an ad for a “Honda Civic Garage Party”, and one for Smirnoff Rocket, neither of which I am particularly interested in, so thanks, friends). Every once in a while, however, one will pop up advising me to join Weight Watchers.

My conscious (most of the time), intellectual (when my brain is in its “better fed” times) mind knows that Facebook can’t see me sitting at my computer and judge my weight. Invariably, however, that sneaky fucker ED (see first post if you wonder who this abusive boyfriend of mine is) tells me that obviously Facebook is telling me that I’ve gained too much weight (I haven’t) and that joining Weight Watchers would be good for me (it wouldn’t).

While I don’t personally believe in Weight Watchers (I think there is a way to eat healthily without counting and measuring . . . I’ll figure that one out eventually), I understand that it works for some people. So not knocking Weight Watchers. I just really don’t want to see its ads popping up on my computer. So what can I do about it (besides ranting on this blog)?

It turns out that if you let your mouse hover over these ads (not with the intention of clicking on them, of course) a little “x” appears in the upper right-hand corner which, if you click on it, allows you to “Report this ad”. Facebook then asks you: “You have removed this ad. Why didn’t you like it?” Usually, I just go with the “Against my views” button. I think, however, I’m going to start telling Facebook what’s REALLY on my mind. If you click the “Other” option, you can write in your reason. Next time I see one, Facebook is going to get an eyeful. Or maybe just a link to this blog post. That’ll show them for interrupting my Words With Friends game!

In other news, Twitter makes suggestions on “Who to Follow” that often include Weight Watchers, Herbal Magic and people whose profiles introduce them as ” . . . generally obsessed with fat loss and fitness“. So far, no luck on figuring out how to report these kind nudges. The only option on the “x” is “Hide”. FUCK YOU, TWITTER! I’M NOT HIDING ANYMORE!!!*

*I do love Twitter, as well. No intention of deleting my account anytime soon. Gotta know what George Takei is thinking . . . Oh my!


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