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Day 8 – Popcorn, anyone? No?

“3 Films”

I’m glad they worded it “films”, not “movies”. It just sounds classier . . . and I’m nothing if not fucking classy. Three movies . . . as hard a task as narrowing down books. Again, I’ll do categories.

1. Favorite Classic Film: The Wizard of Oz. This also falls under the categories of “Favorite Childhood”, “Favorite┬áMusical”, and “Favorite All-Time” to name a few. I always watched it when I was home sick from school as a child. Again, we know I love Judy, and all things Oz . . . really, it was a pretty obvious choice.

From mymodernmet.com

2. Favorite Modern Film: Moulin Rouge! Such a great movie . . . the “just ok” voices of its stars make it seem more like real people just breaking into song. Such a beautiful story, and I love Baz Luhrmann’s direction. So pretty to look at!

From minimalmovieposters.tumblr.com

3. Favorite “Just Because” “Feel Good” Film: The Proposal. Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite actresses, and Ryan Reynolds is just goofy enough to make his good looks not overwhelming. The story gives me hope that someday someone will love me in spite of my bitchiness. Oh! And Betty White. Who doesn’t love Betty White?

From entertainmentwallpaper.com

Hooray for movies! Second only to musicals in escapist entertainment. We know T-cat likes Lord of the Rings . . . Anyone like anything else?



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