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Day 5 – Happiness isn’t a destination; it’s a manner of travel

“6 Places You Want To Go”

I talked in my last post about wanting to travel. Once money, time, and health are all in line, it’s going to happen. Here are the places I’d most like to go.

1. California.¬†Those who know me best know I’m SO not a California girl. When I go in the sun, I turn as red as my hair. I did, however, live there my first 2 years out of high school, and I absolutely fell in love with the place. Orange County was so sunny and warm and lovely, and I lived down the street from Disneyland . . . what could be better? Plus, my bestie lives there, being a big ol’ superstar, and I miss her very much.

2. New York City. Still a big ol’ theatre nerd, even in my retirement. I’d love to see everything that ever plays on Broadway. I’ve never been there NOT in the dead of winter, so I’d like to give that a whirl. Plus, another good friend lives there, being a big ol’ superstar, and I miss him very much.

3. The British Isles, plus Scotland. This is where my people are from (duh). All I’ve ever seen of England is the airport, and while it was lovely, I’d love to see more of the place where Thomas the 1st set sail for America . . . then a Thomas further down the line moved his son Thomas (who sired my father Thomas) to Canada.

4. France. It just looks lovely, and I speak enough of the language to get by . . .

5. Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. That’s where the aforementioned Choir Olympics took place, and I’d like to do the tour again, NOT as a 15-year-old.

6. Anywhere I can learn something new. Kind of a cop out, I know, but I pretty much want to go everywhere. There is so much to learn from different cultures and the history of different countries, and I want to see and experience as much as I can . . . The warm countries, mostly. Although I can count to 10 in Finnish . . . that could get me a little ways  . . .

That’s my story. Nothing especially angsty in this post . . . tomorrow is “5 foods” . . . I think we can all anticipate a bit of angst in that one . . . Stay tuned. (And it’s not that I don’t want to know where YOU want to travel, but I’ve had precious few comments on the last few. They’re always most welcome)


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