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Straight to your bones . . .

For those of you who read my blatherings and don’t live in Ontario, the title of this post won’t mean much to you. Just so everyone’s on the same page (mine) this is the commercial that may or may not have coined the phrase: “Milk Rap” by Dairy Farmers of Ontario That’s right. We be chillin.

While my posts tend to get a little bit off-topic now and then, this post is indeed about DAIRY.

I know that most people with eating disorders, and even most dieters, tremble a little at the mention of that word. It is still one of my biggest fear foods. It is also (she admits, cringing with the shame of it) probably my favorite food group. I like it all. Milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt . . . the only thing I can’t *ahem* stomach is the one dairy product embraced by the weight loss industry: cottage cheese. Ugh.

As part of my recovery, I’m trying to eat as much real food as possible. I’ve given up artificial sweeteners, I make things from scratch instead of buying pre-packaged and processed (partially motivated by my financial situation, but hey, my wallet’s gotta recover too, right?) and I try to eat foods “as found in nature” as much as possible.

If only all nutritional information looked like this!

Imagine my surprise when I learned that cows don’t spit out plastic-wrapped, fat-free, chemically produced cheese slices! This has been a tough one for me. Just about every “nutritionist” out there suggests consuming low-fat dairy products. The ones I trust (who, luckily, are in charge of healing me) only recommend full-fat dairy products, and consume the same themselves. I have been reading a lot, trying to understand “real food”. Unfortunately, those that recommend full-fat dairy products seldom say why (that I can find, anyway).

I have learned through experimentation (and a whole lot of trusting those who control my meal plan) that eating fat helps make me feel fuller longer. We’ve all read about the good fats and the brain and all that jazz (told you there’d be musical theatre references . . . insert Fosse walks here), but dairy fats don’t seem to fit in anywhere.This morning, I was watching The Nate Berkus Show. (Did I mention I have a lot of free time that I like to fill up with daytime TV? I did? Good. Just checking.) For those of you not familiar with Nate, just google his name. Even just getting to look at his face is reason enough . . . but back off, ladies. He’s aninterior designer. But I digress. Today was Nate’s 40th birthday show, and Dr. Oz was on to talk about how to eat to maintain your health as you age. It was all pretty standard stuff . . . fibre, etc. But then he got to DAIRY! (If you want to hear it straight from the horse’s good doctor’s mouth, start this video about halfway through).

“Forget about taking the fat out of yogurt. When you take the fat out of dairy products, all you’re left with is . . . SUGAR!” ~Dr. Oz

He recommends whole or 2% milk (which will actually help you lose weight, but we don’t care about that, right? RIGHT!?!), and the calcium in the dairy “sucks up the fat and takes it out of your body”. The “bad” fats, that is.

So now we’ve solved the mystery! I’m not gonna lie, dairy fat has been one of the things I’ve been dancing around in my meal plan. If I can’t figure out why I’m supposed to have something (besides “you need to restore weight”), it gives that fucker ED a toehold to tell me that I can’t have it. Knowing more about everything I eat and what it does for my body has really helped me feel safer with it. (It also doesn’t hurt that the person who sets my meal plan has a freaking hot body, and never asks me to eat anything she doesn’t eat on a regular basis).

I’m not going to say that “trust, reading, and understanding” is the magic formula to recovery, but it at least gives me an argument to throw back at ED, making it easier to make pro-recovery choices.



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