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What’s a blog without a little theft?

While blog surfing earlier today (totally doctor-approved exercise) I found a 10-day blog challenge. Apparently recovering from an eating disorder isn’t challenging enough for me, so I’ve decided to tackle it. Here’s my stolen challenge:


Not sure if it’ll happen in ten consecutive days, but it’ll happen eventually.

Day 10: Ten Secrets

1.   I play the extrovert really well, but in actuality I’m really shy and socially awkward.

2.   I am an Olympic gold medalist . . . in singing. In Y2K they created a “Choir Olympics” and my choir medal-ed in the Children’s Choir Category. Yup. Super cool.

3.   Although my hair is dyed ginger nowadays, I was, in fact, born with red hair and blue eyes (they’re green now)

4.   If you catch me off guard and ask me how old I am, I will knee-jerk respond with an age roughly 10 years younger than I am. I’m not lying deliberately, I just forget I’m so fucking old.

5.   I always get crushes on middle-aged curmudgeonly doctors on tv . . . Hawkeye Pierce, Gregory House . . . rough-around-the-edges assholes . . . mmmm

6.   Bad child actors really piss me off. Find me a Margaret O’Brien, a Mickey Rooney or a Dakota Fanning, or write the child out of the script (You hear me, Sex and the City movies? Charlotte’s daughter is AWFUL!!)

7.   It’s no secret, but it always bears repeating: Judy Garland is the best thing ever. Period. The secret is that when ever I discover something we have in common (Judy and I) I feel like I’ve done something right

8.   There is mainstream music on my iPod. I am very vocal (ba dum bum) about my loathing of mainstream music, but certain (embarrassing) artists made the cut . . .

9.   I would wear a costume every day, if I could. Sometimes I give my outfits personas so I feel like I’m costumed anyhow.

10. I would rather die young than live an ordinary life.

So, those are my secrets . . . the ones I’m willing to admit on the internet, anyways. How brave are my readers? Share your secrets in the comments . . . I DARE YOU!




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