A Little More on Saturday . . .

Hello BlogFriends,

Thank you all for your support and kindness leading up to Saturday’s big event. My speech is written, and I’m not freaking out TOO much. Not sure I can get through it without crying, but I don’t know if that’s so overwhelmingly important. The important thing is getting the word out about Sheena’s Place, and representing those who are fighting against eating disorders the way I’d want to be represented.

Today at work I had a woman “come out” to me about her history with an eating disorder after reading the poster for the event. I think by making noise about it, we’re making it okay for people to make noise about their own stories. Be anything but quiet, yes?

So that’s my little rant for today. I’ll appreciate any good vibes you want to send my way on Saturday. If you can make it out, please do. Here are the links to register, to donate to my cause – at $448, just $52 away from my goal (let me know if you’ve donated, and I’ll get you a tax receipt), and to check out our newest feature, the SILENT AUCTION! You don’t have to be at the event to bid; it’s all happening online.

Thank you again for being my support system. There are some of you who I’ve never even met in real life, yet who mean so much to me. It’s all about building a community. We’re stronger together than alone.



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8 responses to “A Little More on Saturday . . .

  1. Tom Boaz

    You are a voice for those who, for whatever reason, have none. We will be there for you in love and spirit.

  2. Be anything but quiet, indeed–and you, m’dear, will be “astonishing” on Saturday! If the tears come, so be it–just be honest and true. You’ll be spreading joy to so many people just by sharing your message. It’s going to be an incredible experience. Break a leg!

    • Thanks, Kaila! I always forget you’re a theatre nerd like me until you bust out a little MT trivia.

      • Hehe it’s the cross I bear…(Seriously, I’m always grateful when people get my obscure MT references…most of the time I bust out a Cole Porter lyric, and people look at me like I’ve grown another head…)

      • The sacrilege! People need to respect their Porter. And to understand why nobody else should ever sing a Judy song ever, and expect to do it any better.

  3. Andrea Ahlers

    Kelly, one of the most amazing things about you is your ability to cut through the crap and say what needs to be said. You found your voice and inspire so many who are still without one. On Saturday hold your head high, breathe, and tell your story. If the tears come, so be it. It’s who you are. I will be holding you in prayer, in light and in love.

    You can do it.

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