Fat Chat Is No Light Matter – Huffington Post

I read this and thought it was an interesting invitation to “check ourselves”. It’s not only parents who need to watch out, but everyone. Sometimes, those of us with eating disorders think that our diagnosis gives us licence to engage in fat talk any time, anywhere, without censoring ourselves, simply because we’re struggling. Not everyone signed up to support us, so we need to be careful who we infect with our fat talk. You never know how it will affect someone.


As an eating disorders therapist and woman who spent the majority of my life in the grip of a weight and food obsession, I walk around with my antennae tuned in to whatever might help me understand how we got ourselves into this mess. Obesity is now considered an epidemic. My young bulimic clients tell me, “Vomiting is no big deal.” Every day, people die from anorexia-related complications. And let’s face it, folks: Even many Americans of average weight are preoccupied with food and body image. Recently in a grocery store check-out line, I stood behind a 30-something mom and her little girl. The mother was chatting on her cell phone while the daughter was clinging to her mom’s leg with one hand and sucking on the thumb of the other. The mother’s side of the conversation went like this: “Oh, I was so bad yesterday! I had a whole…

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2 responses to “Fat Chat Is No Light Matter – Huffington Post

  1. Liona

    Hmm… as I read this I realized that for some reason I have this attitude that it is ok for me to point out everyone who engages in fat talk and label them as unhelpful but I myself reserve the right to engage in as much fat talk as I want ‘because I struggle’. As if struggling with an eating disorder makes me some sort of sub species with special rights. Truth is though, that while I sometimes feel like I live on a different planet, I live on planet earth with humans that are just like me in most every way and are impacted by what I say and do or don’t say and do. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
    P.s. I really like your blog. It is raw honest about the experience of life in recovery with a ton of inspiration

    • Thanks, Liona. Much appreciated. It’s a hard thing to remember sometimes that our struggles affect those around us in so many ways. Thanks for the feedback, and best of luck to you.

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