Looking at the World Through Photoshopped Glasses

While Canada’s Eating Disorder Awareness week was earlier this month, this week is the official NEDA Awareness week. The theme is “Everybody Knows Somebody“. I’m making an attempt to blog every day this week in solidarity, so here’s day two (weeks start on Sundays).

Today, NEDA posted on Facebook and Twitter the following:

Most models are thinner than 98% of Americans. Instead of trying to change our bodies, how about we try to change our culture?

Very true. I thought I’d share a little something I learned once upon a time about the origin of the emaciated model. We talk all the time about how models/pin-ups used to be curvy, but do you know what inspired the switch? Well, designers discovered that people were looking at and admiring the models’ bangin’ bodies, instead of looking at and admiring the clothes they were wearing. In order to put the focus on the clothes, they started hiring “unattractive” skinny models who wouldn’t distract from the clothes. Interesting how things have switched back.

Nowadays, even the curvy, attractive actresses are photoshopped to look like the formerly unattractive skinny models, and the emaciation is what we admire. A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across an article entitled, “Classic Beauties Get A Shocking Photoshop Treatment“. It features the work of Anna Utopia Giordano in her “Venus Project“, where she applies the photoshop standards of today to the “rubenesque” figure of Venus, as depicted in classic paintings.

It’s astonishing how, even with my new “recovery” brain, I still see the picture on the right as the more attractive woman. The fashion media has really screwed with our heads. Our standard of beauty doesn’t want women to look like women. We admire those with no hips, body fat percentages too low to ever procreate, and eyes devoid of any life whatsoever. How is that a woman?

It is up to all of us to demand change, and to stop accepting photoshopped 12-year-olds as our ideal women. Speak up, and for god’s sake, teach your children what it means to be a real woman. Lead by example, and be the change.


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