Sometimes There Are No Words . . .

. . . but this CANNOT be one of those times.


No child should know the words “calorie”, “carb”, or “overweight”. These are not appropriate words for a five-year-old. Yes, this child can explain it, but does she understand?

One day, maybe she’ll look in the mirror and see her little girl belly sticking out. Will the word “overweight” pop into her head? She has heard that if she replaces 2-3 meals per day with a shake, she can wear smaller pants. Will she develop a fear of food and try to replace her meals with liquids? Will she fear sitting on the couch for the risk of being lazy? She told all of us that we’re stupid if we don’t follow this plan. What would that mean to her child’s brain?

Actors must be over the age of 25 before they can appear in an ad for alcohol. We’ve all seen alcoholism kill. Well, I’ve seen eating disorders kill, too. Usually, the casualties of eating disorders are much younger than those of alcoholism. Why are we letting this child sell diets to the world?

Children lose their innocence younger and younger all the time. Please let your child grow up ignorant of the world of diets. You might just save her life.


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  1. WHHHAAA.. ? this is nutso. I’m kind of in shock about that kid. It’s just really too bad. I mean, the whole shake thing is too bad in itself.. but it’s just so much worse being sold by a kid.

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