For those of you following the saga . . .


I know this has very little to do with anything I normally blog about, but I thought you should know. You know. Since she is one of my most used tags.

She was great, btw. I’ve always said that I needed to see her before one of us kicked the bucket, and we both survived! Her, 65 years, me 26 (almost 27 . . . the tickets were an early birthday present . . . don’t worry, still time for you to shower me with gifts for November 21st . . . no? No takers?)

Yes, I wore sequins and an oversized men’s shirt a la Liza, and she wore much the same.

One thing she said last night stuck out in my mind, because it sounds a whole lot like what I say a lot of the time:

‎”Some people collect stamps . . . I collect lyrics. When I was younger, I would have all these emotions that, well, everybody has them, but I didn’t know what to do with them, so I would find a song that described how I felt” ~Liza

So that’s your wisdom du jour from the great one (Liza, not me). Can’t figure out what you’re feeling? Sing a fucking song.


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