Day 3 – Shit’s About to Get Real.

Day 3 of the 10 day challenge is

“8 Fears”

I’m not a person who is prone to phobias, as it were, but I’m afraid a lot of the time. I think all of my fears can trace back to one major fear: 1. The fear that, deep down, I’m actually a terrible, worthless person. Here are seven other fears that stem from that one. I’ll try to include how I’m learning to conquer these, as well.

2. I’m afraid to show my real emotions.

Belief: Nobody wants to hang out with someone who is miserable, so I should try to appear upbeat and positive at all times

Truth: Fake people are gross. People hang out with those people for good surface level fun-times, but can never really develop a relationship with a mask.

3. I’m afraid to appear in public not fully coiffed, made up, and dressed.

Belief: I’m ugly on the inside, so I’d best do whatever I can to look less ugly on the outside, because nobody will want to be around me if I look gross.

Truth: Anyone who wouldn’t hang out with me looking gross isn’t anyone I’d want to have in my life. I could care less what my friends look like, so why should I be an exception?

4. I’m afraid of failure.

Belief: If I try and fail, it proves how worthless I am.

Truth: Failure is how people learn, and only by failing can I learn to be a better person.

5. I’m afraid to succeed.

Belief: People only care about me if I’m sick and in need. They’ll all leave once I’m able to do things for myself.

Truth: The people I most want to be around are strong, self-reliant, and radiant. I should want nothing less than that.

6. I’m afraid of being ordinary.

Belief: I’m nothing unless I have something external to make me special.

Truth: The only people I want in my life are those who like me for me, not what I do. I’d rather find the one person who fits that criteria than have a thousand “fans”

7. I’m afraid everyone will leave me. 

Belief: Nobody can handle my shit for an extended period of time, so I’ll never have any real, lasting relationships.

Truth: Some people can fight battles in the trenches with you, some people are better suited to wait for you to come home from war.

8. I’m afraid my body’s gonna look like shit forever.

Belief: I’ll never have a body I’m not embarrassed of.

Truth: Maybe not. But maybe other things in my life will matter more some day, and having a gross body won’t affect me anymore.

Thanks for reading. I promise there won’t be too many “heavy” (no pun intended) posts on here . . . Same challenge goes out: anyone want to share a fear? It kinda feels better . . .



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3 responses to “Day 3 – Shit’s About to Get Real.

  1. T-cat

    Thank you for all those truths. Those are things that I need to remind myself of more often.

  2. leahcoombs

    Maybe a bit of a late reply.. But, I’m afraid of the future, and not knowing what is going to happen keeps me up at night.

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