You made it!

Hello, friend!

So glad you found your way here. I guess I should tell you why you’re reading this . . . well, I don’t presume to know EXACTLY why you’re reading this, but I can tell you why I wrote this. Or at least try to.

For reasons I’ll get into later, I’ve had a LOT of time on my hands the past few months. Naturally, anyone with too much time on their hands kills most of it on the internet (See? we’re not so different, you and I . . . ) While perusing various webpages lately, I’ve found a lot of things that don’t seem quite right. Many of these things are just downright WRONG.

Generally when I find one of these things, I copy the link and paste it into an email to my therapist (more on her in the promised “later”), the subject of which usually reads “Fix it!!!!”. See, she’s kind of Superwoman, and I firmly believe she can fix anything. If you knew her, you’d TOTALLY agree with me. Unfortunately, she’s usually got her hands full fixing, well, me (and a few of her other clients as well), so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Here you will find my rantings and ravings on the things I deem “not right”. I have no qualifications or degrees to back up my beliefs, just my moral outrage and constant need to disturb shit. If you like that kind of stuff too, you may want to read more of what I have to say. Maybe you even want to post comments on what I write . . . I’m down for that, even if you don’t agree.

So stay tuned! Or don’t . . . I’m all for free will.


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